• Asset Protection

Well-established, legal protection solutions such as an Asset Protection Trust can shield your business assets against liability and lawsuits. By removing assets from your business’s ownership, you can protect them against liability and lawsuits, and your business assets would be managed by your trustee.

• Tax to Cash

We offer solutions that can eliminate taxation and have Uncle Sam fund your business. Our team of specialized CPAs and Attorneys can zero out your taxes and use your tax payment to create a tax-free income. Instead of paying taxes, you can create cashflow and build wealth. Our team has been doing this since 1998 and we have accomplished this for over 400 clients. It has been tested by the IRS 13 times, and passed with flying colors, all 13 times. We will educate your CPA about the opportunity and work hand in hand with them during the entire process, and they will continue to do your accounting work. In addition, our legal experts can help educate and assist your attorneys as well.