Our Financial & Retirement Professionals

Our mission is to work closely with our clients to design financial strategies that provide confidence and clarity while also helping to protect their future. Using customized plans that are created through a true partnership, we empower our clients to weather the inevitable challenges that our complex financial world presents.

A short presentation about the founder, D. Scott Kenik

D. Scott Kenik
Founder and Principal

James Jurika
Certified Financial Planner**

Jim handles the securities for the firm. He has worked in the financial services industry his entire professional career starting right out of college. His focus is to reduce risk and volatility in clients' portfolios while still achieving the returns needed to accomplish the clients’ objectives.

Al Caceido
Founder, Virtual Apex Advisor

In the financial industry since 1995, Al works with us as an income planning specialist to help pre-retirees and retired individuals preserve their lifestyle in retirement.

Lisa Martinez
Business Development

Lisa has been in the finacial industry since 2004. She works on case design concepts and helps us keep up with the changing landscape of financial products.

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